heeyyy! We're alri & Gen

Permanent Hype Girls; Part Time Bridesmaids

We believe in capturing couples just the way they are, we don't push for uncomfortable poses and forced smiles. We encourage taking in the time you have alone, away from the chaos, to soak up the joy of having just got married (or just getting engaged or making it through 8 amazing months of pregnancy or the joy of just welcoming a tiny human into the world). We meet you where you're at and welcome every movement and emotion that comes naturally to you! We're just here to make moments last forever.

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Why the name... "Psalm & Cedar"?

Psalm as in a Psalm from the Bible...

"The book of Psalms is an intricately designed collection of poetry that recounts Israel's history and God's covenant promises. The book of Psalms poetically retells the entire biblical story." - The Bible Project 

We both don't just love the Psalms for all it's taught us, but because of it's poetry, it's filled with beauty and so many promises.

We believe photography can be poetic, God-breathed, every story captured perfectly.

& Cedar as in those giant trees...

In ancient times, cedar wood was especially desirable for its aromatic qualities as well as its resistance to decay. They are also a reminder that every good gift is from God.

This is part of the dream, to be as a cedar tree, desirable and strong, even aromatic, a scent of joy. To be reminded with every moment captured that every great gift (and moment) is from Him.

To us it's not just a name, it's a dream and a promise.

Pretoria, Freestate, Limpopo, Mosselbay... ANYWHERE and beyond!

We are based in Pretoria, but we dream of going to all the dreamy places!

Whether in the middle of nowhere or in a different country, let's make it happen!