We cannot wait to meet you!

We've been friends (sisters) for a really, really long time, we have also been mistaken for a married couple, ha. We met at our church's internship programme - we both served in the same team and spent every single day together. Our friendship has grown through millions of cups of tea, a lot of tears, so many inappropriate jokes, our love for good music - solidified by PARAMORE, the odd horror movie, ALL THE SITCOMS, our creativity and our love for Jesus.

About Alri

Girlfriend. Dog-mom. Introverted-Extrovert. Excessive perfectionist. Lover of fashion, beauty and decor trends. Red lipstick, always. Obsessed with the ocean. Still figuring out how to be an adult. My life's ambition is to have 2 donkeys and love them as if they are my children forever.

My love for photography began where most things in my life do; with my friends. A friend of mine shoved a camera in my hand when we were 18, she showed me the basics and trusted me to get a couple of good shots of her. I was hooked. I started to learn right then and I've been learning ever since. It's everything I've ever loved about art; being able to make a moment last forever.

"One can speak poetry just by arranging colours well."

-Vincent van Gogh

About GEn

Mamma of two beautiful, busy little boys. Enneagram 9. Complete introvert but will socialize for food. Die hard Paramore fan and will sing along (badly) to EVERY SINGLE song they have EVER made. I can pretty much quote every word from the movie "Bridesmaids."

My interest in photography stemmed from when I studied Graphic Design and photography was one of my subjects. I truly fell in love with it after my Ouma passed away and all I had left were the photos that were captured at my wedding. It taught me that we are not just taking photos, we are creating a treasure trove of memories that will act as a keepsake of the things closest to your heart.

"You're more beautiful than Cinderella, you smell like pine needles and your face is like sunshine!"


Maybe we're the missing piece to your puzzle!

We're not just hilarious. We fully believe that all the years and love we've invested in our photography skills will make us the perfect fit for your beautiful day.

Our aim is to put your JOY over everything else. We're here to capture every moment that you hope to remember for years to come, and to create something that will be loved for generations to follow, too.

For us, this isn't just a job, it's a forever dream.

Our hope is to offer excellence and LOVE in everything we touch.